Tai Chi

Do you like some challenge and do you search an interesting way to deal with your body and mind?
Then you'll find an enormous wisdom in tai chi: physicaly, emotionaly and spiritualy.
We practice tai chi-yang style and focus mainly on the inner processes behind our movement.
Therefor we practice both individualy and with a partner who challenges us to grow.

TAI CHI- lessons:
Wednesday 19h15 Depending on the participants both dutch and english!
Sunday 10h Depending on the participants both dutch and english!

During the summer: (1 July - 17 September - no lessons 24 Juli - 6 August)
Wednesday 19h15

Tai Chi-day
Saturday 26 august 2017 10h-16h

International workshop.
Please contact us if you'd like to plan an international workshop tai chi, meditation or yoga.


Prices Tai Chi = 150 euro / one trimester (12 weeks) - combination of Tai Chi & Yoga = 240 euro/trim
Summercourse = 100 euro (9 lessons) - combination of Tai Chi & Yoga = 150 euro
You can also join the dutch courses and follow tai chi more then one time a week if you wish.
Tai Chi day = 60 euro
Students = 120 euro / one trimester (12 weeks)
Aerial yoga = 120 euro/ (8 lessons)
Try-out lesson = 15 euro When the trimester is already started then the price of your subscription will be recalculated.



Otegemstraat 149
8550 Zwevegem
Phone: (0032)473814661
BTW/VAT: BE 0897 094 008
IBAN BE83 0017 6289 8915
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