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Yoga for everybody

Often time, thoughts, daily routine take over our lifes.
We forget to take time for ourselves and live often unconsciously.
As a result of this way of living we develop all kinds of complaints.
Breath in and out deeply (Pillar of yoga: Breathing), create space and time for your-SELF and relax (Pillar of yoga: releasing tension), be aware of streaming energy through your body, liberate yourself from blockage and physical pains (Pillar of yoga: asana's) but also mentally (Pillar of yoga: meditation – mindfulness). Develop a healthy way of life and nutrition (Pillar of yoga: Healthy food). Congratulations: You yoga-practice and 'rebirth' has started. From now on you make work of your personal growth and a life in which you enjoy more, relax more, be happy,... But maybe you already do that, then yoga can support you and also deepen out what you already started.

The effects of yoga are multiple:
– Physically you'll experience more lightness in your body, relaxation, power, more energy,....
– Emotionally and mentally you'll get more relaxed, you'll develop a clearer mind, more happiness, self confidence,...
– Certain burdains and pains will be resolved.

Yoga during schoolyear:
Monday 18h. Course given in English
Wednesday 9h. Course given in Dutch
Wednesday 20h30. Course given in dutch Thurday 18h30. Course given in Dutch

Summer courses: 1 July untill 17 September (no lessons 24 juli - 6 augustus)
Monday 18h
Wednesday 20h30

Aerial yoga:
Thursday 20h. Course given in Dutch!
Try-out lessons: 7 & 14 september. Subsribe in advance due to limited places!

Pregnancy yoga
Monday 19h15 and thursday 10h. Course given in Dutch! (more info: Yomi & Loutje)

International workshop.
Please contact us if you'd like to plan an international workshop yoga, meditation or tai chi.


Prices Yoga = 150 euro / one trimester (12 weeks) - combination of Yoga & Tai Chi = 240 euro/trim
Summercourse = 100 euro (9 lessons) - combination of Yoga & Tai Chi = 150 euro
You can also join the dutch courses and follow yoga more then one time a week if you wish.
Students = 120 euro / one trimester (12 weeks)
Aerial yoga = 150 euro/ (10 lessons)
Try-out lesson = 15 euro BOOK ONLINE
When the trimester is already started then the price of your subscription will be recalculated.



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